QuickFinger's Journey

QuickFingers Recap

The story so far...

Beginning in Mischief

Quickfingers is a Halfling from the town “Shire”. Quickfingers has a natural aptitude for magic, and has decided the best use for his abilities is to cause as much trouble as possible – indeed, he decided to leave Shire in search of grander schemes shortly after his grand scheme of tying the Mayor’s wife’s undergaments atop the highest tree in the shire.

He hit the road, determined to seek out tyrannical leaders whom he could deem victims worthy of his awful mischief. Coming to a fork in the road, he saw an elderly man being held up by two bandits. Speaking in the Sylvan tongue, Quickfingers convinced the bandits (whom only spoke common) that he was no threat to them. As soon as the bandits turned their attention away, Quickfingers made sounds of men, in a commanding voice, speak from the trees. The bandits immediately began to look around them, and apparently seeing no one, the leader decided to draw his weapon and began heading towards the trees. After a couple moments of quick-thinking, Quickfingers had succumbed these men and they would trouble old people no more.

The old man offered 7 silver pieces as reward for saving his life, then proceeded southward to Bramblemead. Quickfingers decided to take the path less traveled, and went East towards Hog’s Hollow.

Hog’s Hollow – Thorpe in Turmoil

Quickfingers followed the trail to Hog’s Hollow, a small Thorpe of a town. He sought out a tavern for news and/or information. There was a small group of people at the tavern, all of which kept to themselves. There was not a very energetic atmosphere about the place, and Quickfingers could tell that they needed to have their spirits lifted. He decided to jump upon a central table, and (with a little bit of magical assistance), proceeded to get everyone in the tavern clapping and singing along.

Following his performance, Quickfingers was determined to seek out the lord of Hog’s Hollow. He had heard that the lord was not conducive of entertainers, and Quickfingers was curious as to why. There was but one guard at the manor’s entrance, a female now known as “Lydia”. She sternly turned Quickfingers away, stating that Lord Uriah would have no interests in conducting any sort of business with this halfling.

Somewhat dejected, Quickfingers proceeded to leave – however, he noticed a figure leap from a window of the manor, and run away. Quickfingers returned to Lydia and reported what he saw. Not fully believing him, Lydia told Quickfingers that he would be rewarded for the capture of said thief. Quickfingers began his search, but couldn’t find any trace of the man who leapt from the building. After several moments, he heard a man whisper to him from a nearby shrub. Quickfingers talked to the man, who asked him to distract a patrol that would be passing by soon. Quickfingers agreed to distract the guard, on the condition that the man explained himself later that evening.

Quickfingers distracted the guard, and went to meet the man in the tavern later that evening. True to his word, the man showed up and met with Quickfingers. Introducing himself as Tergal Stig, He explained to Quickfingers that he was stealing from Lord Uriah, as taxes were at an all-time high, and no one in the village was making enough to pay them. Tergal stated that he takes what he steals and distributes to the village, so that life can go on for everyone. Quickfingers found himself satisfied by Tergal’s explanation, and asked him for training in the Rouge arts. Tergal was happy to take on an apprentice, so the two decided to train at daybreak every day moving forward.

After having performed at the tavern a couple of times, Quickfingers found himself staying at an Inn. In the middle of the night, Quickfingers sensed trouble from his familar Dacuun <spelling?>. Looking out the window, Quickfingers saw a small detail of village guards. From below, Quickfingers could hear a knocking, and after a delay, he heard a man’s voice asking about a halfling staying at the Inn. The Innkeeper let the man enter, who walked to Quickfinger’s room. Quickfingers answered the door, and met a man who introduced himself as Julius, the Captain of the Guard. Julius told Quickfingers that Lord Uriah sought an audience with him, so Quickfingers allowed himself to be escorted to Uriah’s manor.

Lord Uriah’s Offer

Face-to-Face with Lord Uriah, Quick


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